The Stream Feeding the River Valley


APB in the CRV

11:00 am

Updates on regional threats to our safety...and what we can do to protect ourselves...

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iCRV Playlist

12:00 pm

Groups from the CRV we love...

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CT Melting Pot

02:00 pm

We meet Father Paul Luniw, the most accomplished artist in the US practicing the folk art of Ukrainian Easter Egg decorating!!

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Antiques Trail

02:30 pm

David talks trends with upcycler Kate Avery...

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Pathways to Good Health

03:00 pm

Our friends at Middlesex Health introduce us to Dr. Mark D'Agostino and the wonderful world of sleep disorders and treatments we need to know about!

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Event Spotlight

03:30 pm

A great ukulele event coming soon at Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek in Chester and we get all the details...and a little LIVE treat!

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Meet the Artist

04:00 pm

The great Michael the house!

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All Things Green

04:30 pm

Tony Marino will be interviewing Recycling Program Coordinator, Kim O'Rourke, from Middletown Recycling and Public Works.

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Nature with Ranger Russ

05:00 pm

The great folks at A Place Called Hope talk bird populations and raptor rescue...

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06:00 pm

A "cross-over" special as Fermented meets Kitchen Outlaws and we celebrate CHILI!!!!

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CRV Potpourri

07:00 pm

Music...listings...clips..and more...hang with us!

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