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With over 100 hours of fresh programming each month on iCRV Radio, we know how tough it is to catch everything...that is why we are trying to make it a little easier. Listen to the featured episodes below or listen to our complete catalog of archived episodes in the Vault Now in this section, we will feature shows that you might want to check out. It could be a special guest or moment...it could be content we think you might want to be aware of and maybe share. We try and serve up programs covering all the life interests in the CRV...hope you enjoy. iCRV Radio...the place where We Make Local Matter!!!

Connecticut Curators

New exhibits in the CRV to be celebrated...and today Christina reads some powerful Civil War letters from the Barnes Museum...amazing...

This series is all about the the people charged with preserving the stories, venues, artifacts and collections that make up our cultural footprint. We celebrate them...and the journeys they take us on!!!

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Myths and Legends

The absolutely fascinating stories derived from the Great Battle of the Frogs of 1754 in Windham continue...with a ballad about frogs...and lawyers???? You have toe hear this!

Understand what is fact or fiction; learn from the reasons why a story was started or propagated…or just sit back and enjoy the tale!

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Kate Calendar

Some amazing artists coming to the CRV and 300 Main Street in Old Saybrook; Brett Elliott breaks it all down for us...

So much going on at the Kate, we need the Executive Director to break it all down for us...

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Library Chat

Our hosts steer you towards great exploration and fun with our area libraries...recommended reads...and great gift ideas...

From recommended reads to events and activities hosted at these incredible venues, join the ladies of the library for a little conversation and a lot of fun!

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Great tips on cold weather training...some stories...and updates from the world of golf.

Covering everything from the professional tours to the college and junior golf scene...and especially the courses and great tee-to-clubhouse experiences for players of all handicaps...Connecticut Flagstick celebrates golf in CT.

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Antiques Trail

David shares perspective with world renowned folk art authority Allan Katz from Madison....

Whether it is a category of antiques or the dealers and auctioneers who bring them to light, we showcase this art form and the stories it celebrates.

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Gardening for Good

Judy shares some seasonal gardening insights...with a focus on great gift ideas and important resources for gardeners of every skill level...

So much to learn and enjoy regarding our gardens...and Judy Preston shares ways we can work in the dirt without negative impact...how we can nurture and enjoy our gardens without harsh repercussion. From tips and techniques to trends and growing towards sustainability...Gardening for Good is the resource for you!

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All Things Real Estate

John and Maureen host a roundtable with other real estate agents as we get great perspective from all on where the market is...and tips for both buyers and sellers!

Find out what neighborhoods are hot and what are not...and how to get the most out of home living in the CRV!

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And The Beat Goes On...

We meet...and get to know the person and the music...of the fantastic Christopher Listorti.

The landscape has changed...perhaps forever...but the creative energy and artistry from inspiring musicians...near and far...goes on...and host Bobo Lavorgna celebrates it in every episode...

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Points of Interest

Joining LRB is Sarah Bird from Middlesex Habitat for Humanity...as these two CT lovers cover the state with great ideas for fun in December!

Insights and intrigue..past and present...all showcased by someone who so loves where we live!

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Archaeology of Connecticut

The state archaeologist heads a roundtable to dig deep into the Mohegan archaeological field school and the important work and finds relative to tribal historic preservation.

Celebrate Connecticut's rich archaeological heritage. Go on a journey...enjoy the sharing of perspective from noted authorities covering specific periods, sites, finds, and the art of unearthing relics to help tell, or shape, a story. Anchored by the state archaeologist, this program is powered by the Friends of the Office of State Archaeology.

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And the Beats Going On

So much going on...from New Haven to Old Lyme and beyond...rock to jazz...Bobo gives you some leads to great area music!

Bobo Lavorgna runs down the music events and concerts you need to know about as you shape your plans...

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